Fundación Talita

Talita provides support, assistance and guidance to children with Down's Syndrome. Accompanied by their families, teachers, and their environment, to achieve the maximum development of their skills and advance their integration in school, in the workplace or in their leisure time. All this to promote a happy future for all. Fundación Talita needed to create a new corporate visual identity according to all their activity and enthusiasm and it can be applied to all the media they use nowadays (stationery, calendar, web, blog, social networks, merchandising, events, and presentations), through the creation of an identity manual, a new website and take action to encourage donations or membership recruitment. The redesign is based on the organization's actual identity because I consider it is relevant to maintain part of their essence. The result came from a simplification and refreshment of their actual elements composing the symbol with a reorganization of the logotype. In addition to the redesign, Fundación Talita also required the design of an action in association with the Bicing (Barcelona's Bicycle Transportation Service) that consists basically in the concept that for every kilometer made by a user, Bicing will donate 1€ to Talita. Additionally, I designed a commemorative jersey that will be given to Bicing users.