As part of the contest held in Honduras in search of a new country brand, in collaboration with Honduran architect and industrial designer, Manuel Moreno, we developed the following proposal. Photographies belong to Honduran Social Media Strategist and Photographer, Maria José Martínez. A country brand is an area of institutional management. A country, in any way, must never be sold in the same way as a product. A country brand is a graphic sign with the function of an umbrella brand, is the brand of brands, all others are below because it is representing a nation. This supports and synergizes all actions of a country, national values nside and outside in all areas. It should cover all areas of a country and at any time, a trademark must exceed a country brand. A country brand must have a sense of institutionality through its morphology. Must be emblematic, must be acceptable automatically by the people and should not be arbitrary, people should feel identified with it. Identity. A country brand is not a promotion or something ephemeral, is another version of the emblems of the country and must be managed to be durable, long-lasting. Honduras must sign with this symbol and will appear accompanying other brands, it should not make the country look foolish and childish when compared to others. Must have high quality graphics, in short, a masterpiece in the font selection and its icon. A COUNTRY MUST HAVE A CONVENTIONAL BRAND. The function is to identify. It must not convey the deep spirit of Hondurans much less tell the temperament of its people, because that is not its function. After a thorough analysis we decided that nothing was more appropriate to use than our national flag as a key element that can characterize and connect the idea of he country. The flag is not tied to fashions or changes every four years, has a direct link with the Hondurans. Citing Norberto Chaves, Corporate Identity Consultant and Professor of Semiotics, Communication Theory and Theory of Design: "The function of the mark of a country is not recalling its territory nor its rich fauna and flora, and its wonderful scenery. The narrative is not an appropriate remedy to build a country brand; unless there is a very pregnante icon, which predominates as unique, uniquely associated to the country and, therefore, inopinable recognizable as a national emblem by the natives." We believe that we properly anchored our flag as a primary identifier because it is an important element, it's timeless, and is an internationally recognized symbol. The flag and 'Honduras' function as a seal for the promotion of Honduran high quality products for the promotion of national pride and a symbol that differentiates us, position and identify us as a country and a destination for tourism, investment and business. Honduras is the connection that cultivates relationships throughout the community, the region and the world. The flexibility, compatibility and scalability are key issues to which we pay special attention. Elements are grouped hierarchically, thus obtaining a system able to operate in a wide variety of contexts and scales. The logo were designed with the intention of acting in a neutral manner, maximizing its long-term usefulness. The use of minimal and essential elements, such as pure colors, simple geometric shapes and the use of a simple and direct language is what characterizes any sign of minimalist expression. Essential and functional design.