La Rambla

La Rambla is people. People are life, therefore, La Rambla is life. What keeps us alive? Which organ beats? The heart. La Rambla is the heart of Barcelona and it makes the city beat. It's not just another street, it's a city within another city and also distributes life to El Raval and El Barri Gótic. Like a heart, it distributes life to its affluents. So, La Rambla is an icon, it's movement, flow, life, it's a meeting point and is also a feeling, lost love by some citizens, thus, it is part of Barcelona. Each rambla has its own texture and it will be properly used when a reference is made to one or more in specific. A socially accepted symbol that represents love was used for the symbol portraying the idea of a city within another city by using a map as a reference of a place where people belong. The objective is to regain a sense of care and affection that is being lost, a sense of belonging.